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Our Story

The Nevada Docs Story

In the heart of Nevada, a crisis was unfolding. The year was 2005, and the medical community was struggling. Record-high practice costs, low reimbursements, and insurers abandoning the market left doctors floundering. That’s when our founder, Dr. James Marx, with four decades of experience in medicine, business, and practice management, decided to act.

The Formation of Nevada Docs Support Association (NDSA)

Together with a team of local physicians, Dr. Marx founded Nevada Docs Support Association. A membership club designed to meet the needs of doctors across the state, it quickly became a lifeline. From fairly-priced malpractice insurance through Nevada Docs Agency LLC to group purchasing programs saving members thousands on supplies, NDSA became a beacon of support.

The Expansion and Strategic Partnerships

Over the years, NDSA evolved to serve more than just doctors. Partnerships with organizations like MedChoice Risk Retention Group enabled the expansion of services, including malpractice insurance and risk management. This winning combination rewards best practices and provides an unprecedented level of service in the medical community.

But we didn’t stop there.

A New Era: Beyond Insurance, a Community of Support

We recognized a need to reach all healthcare professionals. With strategic mergers and additional partnerships, Nevada Docs now offers comprehensive solutions for every healthcare professional, regardless of their position. From doctors to nurses, pharmacists to office managers, we provide tailored services designed to amplify efficiency, reduce costs, and elevate careers.

Unlock a World of Benefits with our VIP Membership Program

Nevada Docs goes beyond insurance. With our VIP membership program, we’ve created a treasure trove of opportunities for professional development, resource guidance, and exclusive discounts on over 3,500 services. Imagine the unparalleled savings you could enjoy on everything from medical waste management to dining out, solar solutions, and rental cars.

The Nevada Docs Legacy

Today, Nevada Docs Support Association stands as a community that champions shared success. We’re more than a service provider – we’re a partner in your journey, every step of the way. Reshaping the healthcare practice and fulfilling ambitions is our commitment. With a legacy spanning over two decades, we continue to provide a wide range of comprehensive services and solutions to every healthcare professional.

Whether you need access to exclusive discounts on professional and personal services, assistance with opening a new practice, personalized insurance guidance, or a network of top healthcare professionals, Nevada Docs Support Association is here for you.

Join Our Mission: Be Part of the Triumph

Become a part of Nevada Docs Support Association and experience a community that resonates with shared success, empowerment, and innovation. From workshops and mentorship to specialized insurance guidance and vast cost-saving opportunities, we have crafted a space that nurtures your professional growth.

Ready to unlock these incredible benefits? Contact us today to start your VIP Membership. Experience the power of community and support tailored to your unique challenges and needs.

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