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Professional Liability Insurance

Get great medical professional liability insurance from our partners at Nevada Docs Agency.

A reality for all of us Healthcare Professionals is the threat of an adverse patient event, not even of our making that leads to a frivolous complaint of malpractice or, even more common, a regulatory board investigation. You may even be deposed on a case where a mishap occurred and possibly be partially held responsible for the event.

When these events occur, you need to have an aggressive defense. Representation before the Medical Board, Pharmacy Board, or at a deposition are not DIY projects. You need specialized legal counsel working on your behalf. A physician-centered insurer can provide your defense with an attorney who will approach any such case from a doctor’s perspective.

When it comes to insurance, in addition to malpractice insurance, our associated agency, Nevada Docs Agency, can provide a one-stop source for all of your insurance needs. Whether it be Workers Comp, General Liability, Health Insurance, or malpractice insurance, where we have decades of experience, we can help find solutions that work for you. 

Since 2006, Nevada Docs has been offering quality Nevada medical malpractice insurance to all doctors throughout Nevada. Our aggressive defense posture and selective underwriting principles are growing more robust yearly.

Our malpractice insurer, MedChoice, is supported by Physicians Insurance, a Mutual Company. Because MedChoice is owned by its insured doctors, we approach your welfare and defense as we want to be defended, unlike the typical conglomerate whose primary goal is to profit its shareholders. With MedChoice, your best interest is our primary interest. 

Nevada’s professional liability insurance policies with MedChoice Risk Retention Group come with many benefits. Some of these benefits include:

  • Discounts: You can earn discounts on your Nevada medical professional liability insurance if you are part of a fully-insured group, only practice part-time or have a claims-free practice history.
  • Retroactive coverage: Many doctors have been in business for years, and it would be costly to purchase malpractice tail coverage whenever they want to switch insurance carriers. We can, most of the time, offer this coverage on your professional liability insurance policy in Nevada.
  • Malpractice Tail Coverage: If you are leaving your private practice to join a group, we can offer you malpractice tail insurance on your medical professional liability insurance, which will cover all claims during a claims-made period. If you are 55 and older and have been with MedChoice for five years or more, you earn free tail coverage if you completely retire from the practice. In addition, you receive free malpractice tail insurance should you become permanently disabled or pass away.
  • Claims-Made Coverage: The standard coverage on a malpractice policy that we provide for your professional liability insurance in Nevada is $1 Million per claim and $5 million for the annual aggregate. Most insurers in Nevada only offer $1 Million per claim and $3 million aggregate. This coverage coincides with your retroactive date, which is the period when the claims can be reported on your medical malpractice insurance policy in Nevada.
  • Corporation Coverage: Should you be in a group of two or more people, you can get a separate medical professional liability insurance policy for your corporation. The policy limits are identical to what you see on an individual policy. Should you be a solo practitioner, you share your individual policy limits with your corporation at no additional cost.

Because MedChoice is consistently lower priced than other malpractice insurers, we can only accept the best doctors with the least impactful loss history.

However, even if you are at higher risk and have some losses, you are not out of luck. Suppose you have had challenges qualifying for programs such as MedChoice. In that case, we can get you into a program that can rehabilitate your risk profile so that you may eventually be eligible for MedChoice.

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