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Nevada Medical Malpractice InsuranceLower your Nevada medical malpractice insurance rates with MedChoice

Welcome to Nevada Docs Agency (NDA). We serve the medical professional liability insurance needs for doctors throughout the state of Nevada. At Nevada Docs, we feel it is important to get a Nevada medical malpractice insurance policy that will protect you. Nevada Docs Support Association sponsored the formation of Nevada Docs Agency LLC (NDA) in 2006 to provide the lowest medical malpractice insurance rates to Nevada’s best doctors. As a result, NDA has insured hundreds of Nevada’s finest physicians at the lowest possible rates.

In November 2015, Nevada Docs formed a partnership with MedChoice Risk Retention Group to provide medical professional liability coverage. MedChoice is an affiliate of the Physicians Insurance A Mutual Insurance Company (Physicians Insurance or PI) and is sold and serviced by Nevada Docs Agency LLC.

Physicians Insurance is headquartered in Seattle, Washington, and has insured doctors for more than 30 years. PI has over $460 Million in Total Assets, and is A- rated by A.M. Best. Due to the support of MedChoice by Physicians Insurance, MedChoice has also attained an unprecedented AM Best rating of A-. Only a tiny minority of risk retention groups have earned this coveted distinction of stability.

There are many coverage benefits that MedChoice has that most medical malpractice carriers do not provide:

  • Higher Policy Limits: $1M Each Claim / $5M Aggregate (Most insurers typically offer $1M/$3M).
  • Peer-Review Liability Coverage: $1M Each Claim / $1M Aggregate (Most insurers do not provide this coverage).
  • HIPAA Defense Reimbursement: $50,000 Per Proceeding / $50,000 Aggregate (Most insurers do not provide this coverage).
  • Disciplinary Proceeding Defense Reimbursement: $50,000 Per Investigation / $50,000 Aggregate (Most insurers provide this coverage on a limited basis).

You will have access to a number of additional services through MedChoice’s affiliation with Physicians Insurance, including risk management, continuing medical education, and other similar benefits.

Even if your practice has encountered some issues preventing you from qualifying for our MedChoice program, we have many alternative underwriters that can provide coverage for your practice until we can rehabilitate your risk profile to be acceptable to our MedChoice RRG program.

The rates that are offered by Nevada Docs Agency through MedChoice are usually between thirty and fifty percent lower than all of our competitors for Nevada medical malpractice insurance. To this day, Nevada Docs remains committed to only providing medical professional liability insurance by a doctor-owned company. In addition to being owned by physicians, MedChoice is also run by physicians, meaning that your best interest is always being looked after on your Nevada medical malpractice insurance policy.

At Nevada Docs, we understand that we owe our existence to the support of our many superior Nevada physicians. We appreciate that support and will strive to continue offering you the lowest medical malpractice insurance rates in Nevada.

For more information about Nevada medical malpractice insurance, please contact us.